Defending Against The Matrix #lomoRigo


The Master Of Defense Entering The Matrix

As we continue to build up to one of Boxing biggest ever fights this Saturday, we highlight for you the best skills on offer from each boxer.

A great article on the fight from boxing journalist Steve Bunce is available here

Rigondeaux is one of the most avoided boxers on the planet for a few reasons, his biggest asset is his defense, promoters do not wish to put a boxer,they manage, in a ring with someone who can make a fighter look clumsy and then have him nailed. One of Rigondeaux’s biggest assets going into this fight is his defense, check it out via the video below

Lomachenko will need to use all his skills and speed on Saturday night to get past the defence of Rigo. Lomachenko never stops moving, whether throwing punches or not, will any of the skills highlighted in the video below get through the artistry of Rigo’s defense ?



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