Suit – Anmol Gagan Maan


Suit-  Anmol Gagan Maan, Video Review

Speed Records have a formula that works it seems, but every now and then a glitch may occur and in the rush to release, certain things may get overlooked, or ignored.

Firstly, the track itself does not kick in, until over 1 minute of  the video playing (this is a worrying sign), now this is not unusual you may say, usually there is a good reason behind this, a singer with a good reputation and huge following can pull of the elongated start to a video,  as fans wish to see him/her in the build up.

Another reason this is done (as in this case) is to sell you the vision of the song via the video, masking the songs inability to do so.

The backing vocals, are a throw back to Malkit Sings “I love a Golden Star”, which was fine then but now? please!

Anmol has a good voice and can obviously deliver, more care and attention to the track rather than her visually may make more sense in the future.

In conclusion, the song will get plays during “wedding season” but out of that, minimal returns, Anmol can sing, more guidance for the artist is required with a song that Suit’s (see what I did), as this song, may only last as long as some of the weddings it’s played at.


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