You Be The Judge – Yudhveer


Judge – Yudhveer

The court is now in session, and do we need to rise for the Judge ?

You can be the Judge of that, in a week when two of the Bhangra heavyweights (Jazzy B and Ranjit Bawa) are set to release, would you really wish to pit yourself up against them, well yes, you would,  if the project you have, is one of high quality and you can compete with such giants, or another reason is the record label wishes to fulfill its obligations to release to an artist with a ready made excuse if it fails.

Yudhveer’s voice does not work well with this high energetic “ankhi” kind of a feel of a track, it does the opposite, it detracts from it. The composition, music are by Mix Singh, its decent and offer hope for future products.

As for Judge, we will let you as members of the Jury decide the fate of this track.


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