Apple Music Downloads – Closing


It has been muted by many, our sister blog Desi Music Xpress, highlighted many years ago that, this was the way, Apple would go once the streaming generation started to grow with the new format of accessing music.

Music Ownership v Access

The trend over the last 3 years has seen a rise in streaming (Access) music, rather than to buy (Ownership) music. Apple foresaw this some time ago, it was muted that the download (Itunes) arm of its empire would be closed down, over the last few weeks this rumor has now gathered momentum, it now seems like 2019 is the year that Itunes may actually be removed from the platform.

Music Industry

Record labels need to grasp the importance of this, the return of hard copies, vinyl are all things that must be utilized as we head into the future, with a generation of music fans who don’t want to pay per item of music.


Unlike other scenes the Desi industry has yet to fully grasp the importance of streaming, acts are as guilty as they simply can not come to terms with the concept, well, learn quick or fall, as your hand may be forced.

Digital Currency

This is something that will be very big news inside the Industry very soon, Digital currency maybe the future for record labels who wish to continue to offer its products for “download” any labels/artists wanting to discuss this further, please get @ us.

Check out the whole Apple removing Itunes article here



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