#LomaRigo – Fight Highlights and Reaction


Pound for Pound the best today? Fighter of the year ?

The acclaim for Lomachenko, rained down overnight as he outwitted, out boxed and then broke the heart of Guillermo Rigondeaux, who decided to sit on his stool and retire in a fight where he was simply outclassed.

Check out the highlights below and after fight reaction.



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  1. As someone who has always stood up to the heavy criticism Rigondeaux has received prior to this fight, I can only be disappointed by the performance on the night. It became clear early on that he was in the ring with a better man but the decision to quit has left a bad taste for everyone. That’s regardless of whether or not the hand was fractured. Lomachenko on the other hand was unbelievable, unlike anything anyone in the boxing fraternity has ever seen…bold statement but I don’t think most will disagree.

      • If I had one criticism of Loma, then it would be the lack of follow through in his punches, very rarely have I seen him sit down on his punches…

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