Horn V Corcoran “Battle Of Brisbane”


Horn v Cocoran – Wednesday 10.30am (UK Time)

They say he robbed him, well the judges did, Jeff Horn the man who beat Manny Pacquiao fights again this Wednesday, this could well be a tougher fight than against an aging Manny Pacquiao.

Why is Corcoran fighting for a world title? Horn needed an opponent when Pacquiao fell through, and the Horn side doesn’t see Corcoran as a real threat. This is meant to be a Jeff Horn victory lap. Gary Corcoran will plan to spoil that and shock the Australian fans.

If Horn does take Cocoran lightly then this will be a testing fight, especially as Horn, who has a great story behind him, seems to be already looking past the fight and a rematch with Manny or a fight with many boxing fans P4P best fighter, Keith Thurman. Either way Wednesday afternoon boxing is a winner.

Check out the reaction to Horns victory over Manny, priceless






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