13/12/17 – 8 for 8(am)



If you are not into this Shiz!
Go see the Northen lights because those Star Wars fans become cool for a month!



Logan Paul- Santa Diss Track!!
Is Nothing sacred, Why you hating on Santa Bro ?

Oh My Days!!
7m views in one day, girls just gotta get her views



Lilly Allen -Feat Giggs
This caught fire as soon as the track was released on YouTube, what ya think?

Tyson Fury Is Back
Free from UKAD (Drug Busters), Too Fast To Furious is now ready to Dance his way back to his Heavyweight crown, those moves bro

Reading This As You Commute To Work ?
Well here is something to make you wish you took those recorder lessons serious at school, I just want a %

Barcelona Coming To Burnley ?
Can they do it on a cold wet night in Burnley on a Tuesday night, as Stoke bombed

So we get Brexit and border control back!
Then this “mate, you can bloody do one” do anything these lads


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