14/12/17 8 @ 8


The Apprentice 2017
All that hype, and yet the final is between someone wishing to sell pick’n’mix (Sarah Lynn) and a rude boy wanting to work in recruitment (James White) from which he was sacked in the past, final is on Sunday we will be watching

Brexit – May’s Squad Defected
So the PM got her ass handed to her to, via a  vote which means, that her party will have to ask Parliament to agree to the way in which we leave Europe, she has about as much direction as my compass, never tells the time right


Weinstein, America’s Saville
Harvey, this time last year was so smoking Cubans, whilst his victims were left reeling, Salma Hayak, has now joined the list of those who have come forward


Lukaku Man’s Not Celebratin!
The big man, ended his goal drought whilst scoring for Man Utd (Man Utd 1 – 0 Bournemouth), yet man is still vex at his treatment by some of UTD’s fans, and his goal was only given muted celebrations by the Belguim, full match report here


Yorkshire Dude Singing about New York
Ed, the man has no chill, even at Christmas, his talented thou, smashed this on Radio 1

The Bant’s, You Two!
Nevs and Carra, sharing jokes about a clean sheet, as WBA grabbed another famous draw at Anfield (0 – 0), full match report here, if you need to sleep

Bro, You Know What I Did At Work Today ?
Normally, its things like I hid Jenny’s lunch, I ate Jenny’s Lunch, but nah, burning initials into’s Kidneys, gangsta shiz



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