19/12/17 8 Entertainment Stories @8


#RIP DJ Kaleb Freitas, high winds at the festival left revelers shocked as the stage collapsed


Either Hung over ? Or trying to get a Kid to Drink ?

Ohhhhhh Its Coming! The Poster now the teaser, Oceans 8 @ 8 Baby

The Good Ol’Days,  When you got an album and could not wait to read/check the sleeve

Paul Lim proving the “Magic Of The Darts” is still real, with a shock victory over Mark Webster, what a throw back

A Leak! It Sprung a Leak!!

Big Sam, His Got The Moves That Jack, And A Team That Wins

P -Diddy (sorry if he has changed his name in the last 1 hour), looks set to  buy an NFL Team, Trump will be pleased


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