Frenzy DJ’s @ India’s Wedding Of The Year


Frenzy Is The Man!

“A Surreal experience!, They are so down to earth and genuinely nice people. Still can’t get my head around the fact that they chose a kid from Birmingham to DJ at their wedding reception…. Madness shout to all the UK DJ’s- we represented last night”

Those words from a glowing and still buzzing DJ Frenzy after representing the UK Bhangra scene at India’s wedding of the year, Virat Kohli’s marriage to Anushka, had a local Brummie lad DJ’ing at the reception. That is surreal!

Frenzy has been in and around the scene for a period of time, the last 2 years have seen him forge his own reputation as a DJ, now a global rather than a domestic market are attracted to his skills, a larger audience has been awoken to his abilities.

One admirer is Virat Kohli who posted videos of his bus journeys with the Indian national team listening to DJ Frenzy mixes, the whole team are fans, but it was still a shock when Frenzy got the call to DJ, his head is still in the stars after floating through the Wedding reception.

The man Virat Kohli in a dance off with our own Frenzy!!

One of many tweets from Virat Kohli, highlighting DJ Frenzy’s work and his admiration for it, this opened the door to a huge market for the Frenzy, one he has not just stood back and admired, the opportunity has been fully grasped and Frenzy is now “The” most sought after DJ on the scene today.


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