Fighter Sentenced for Planning to Fix Fight


Dana White Talks Tae Hyun Bang

The Korean Mafia, are not to be messed with, so when Tae Hyun Bang agreed to throw a fight, then reneged on it and went and won the fight, they were not going to be happy.

The UFC got wind of this when betting patterns went crazy for the fight, in fact it was the biggest influx of bets on a UFC bout in Korea.

“We caught wind of that thing,” said UFC President Dana White in a press conference last month. “You know, there was talk about it. So, Joe and Sean (UFC matchmakers) called him (Tae Hyun Bang) and he said, ‘No, no, I would never blah blah blah.’ And he didn’t do it, but he still went to jail. As you can see with USADA and the drug testing and everything else, guys don’t f*cking learn lessons, but hopefully you learn that one. You get caught doing that shit — and he didn’t even do it. He took the money, but didn’t fix the fight. And he got 10 months in jail . . . You get suspended for a year for drugs, you get suspended for two years. You go to f*cking jail for doing this shit. Hopefully that’s a lesson learned for everybody.”

Tae Hyun Bang accepted $100,000 to throw the fight, which took place in South Korea. He bet half of that on his opponent. Bang didn’t go through with the fall and ended up winning a split decision. Last month he was sentenced to 10 months in jail for his involvement. Three other people involved were also sentenced.


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