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Family Feud Explained

2444 At the Beginning when the colors are weird at it says 2444 That is not actually the year 2444 this is a flashback showing a unspecified time in jay’s family history where his family was feuding for a throne. Fast forward to the part where Omari Hardwick is sitting at the table referred to as Mr president. This is actually the year 2444 where jay’s descendant has become president and is being questioned about that weird colored unspecified time in his history where his family murdered each other for power. He says lets not forget my family legacy where we began to go back in time from 2444 to 2148

2148 We see 2 unknown people (Probably more descendants of jay) that are some kind of police that protect the peace then we travel back to 2096.

2096 There is some kind of war happening and jay’s family is fighting and holding his families flag (this is the most obscure scene that has not really been explained) then back to 2050

2050 We see jays daughter blue (In the white) described as one of Americas founding mothers. At this time we see a bunch of women sitting at a table revising the constitution for the better after trumps regime has put america into turmoil and made everyone think that making america great meant making everyone afraid of each other (obviously there were battles after this happened but eventually america became peaceful) as seen in the future of 2444 when Omari Hardwick is president. Then we travel back one last time to where it all started 2018

2018 The present time when blue is a child and jay is in the church confessing his sins and the song actually starts Jay is making movies with intricate details if you dont pay attention to the details youll miss out on the greatness

Thank you to Nu Two Times for the breakdown


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