Billa and his Yaar – Mere Yaar


Mere Yaar – Kulwinder Billa

Palazzo ensured that Kulwinder Billa ended 2017 to the  fore of Bhangra fans minds, his cameo appearance on the Aman Hayer production stole the headlines and the song is doing very well globally still.

Mere Yaar is more of a pop tune, with a sense of comedy added to the video and song, this will work with some and others will miss that Desi vibe to the track, diversity is key though.

Vocally Billa is always on point and he does not disappoint, Desi Routz production is very run of the mill on this, lyrically Shivjot never disappoints and again he impresses but will this song impact like Palazzo, only time will tell.

Check out the track and video here


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