Friday Flashback – Death Jamm – The Original


This Should Be Played At A High Volume, Preferably In A Residential Area!

How many times have people who witnessed the Bhangra hey days heard that line, the track “Jatt De Dushmani” by Death Jamm (Happy, Bobby,Basi), blew up crazy!!

The whole EP was huge, sprouting out of the Safri Boys, Death Jamm put the UK desi scene on a hip hop vibe that only a few have managed to grasp, Panjabi MC had/has the same flavour, Dakuz/Skillz Inc carried it on, and now the torch is being carried by Tru Skool who has taken it to a new level, and it now seems Canada will also run with that baton, and boy they are doing it big.

Death Jamm were pioneers, even their infamous beef with Roma records was in keeping with the whole Hip Hop mindset,do yourself a favour and blast  these tracks today, and play them loud as this deserves it!

Check out the more in-depth look back at Death Jamm via Bhangra Tape Deck here.

Jatt De Dushmani

Faces Of Death Mix


Putt Sardaran De


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