Ranjit Bawa – 2 Tracks In 24 hours ? Parahune & Diljaniya


Bawa At The Double

Never ever thought we would be comparing Ranjit Bawa to buses, but you know the old adage, you wait all day then two turn up at the same time.

2 Tracks within 24 hours, one via Humble Music – Diljaniya and the other the from the forthcoming feature film “Laavan” is a track called “Parahune”.

Both tracks vary in style, with one being an up beat comedy track and the other on a more romantic tip, both worth a listen and highlight vocally how good and diverse Ranjit Bawa can be, artists try not to clash with other artists for release dates, never thought they would be trying to time releases so they never clashed with themselves.

Check out the tracks and the videos below


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