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Desi Pubs reviews & why?

Every time we got together or discussed this issue on social media, everyone had their own favourites and the names would go in one ear and out the other, simply because there was too many.

So, we were due to launch Daily Ent. Xpress and we decided that food and Desi Pubs would be a perfect fit, Football, Boxing, Music and surely food fits into that grouping, so we embarked on our journey.

We do not go to a venue and review it with any bias, our aim is to be fair and constructive at all times, every place we have been has its unique selling points along with its own core of regular punters, so we understand if you think a place should be a 10/10 because it is your local. We use images from various sites, so we do not have to get our phones out and draw attention, our reviews do not also go up on the day of a visit, as we do not wish to draw attention as it is a team of eight doing the reviewing.

The league table is something that will have winners twice a year, Summer and December.


A message recently received on twitter highlighted something that we are trying to change, it stated that Mixed Grill venues were places that their dad went, and not them, the message was from a female, we with our scoring system and reviews try to dispel this myth, these places are for all, it’s great to see a mix of people in these venues. As we have seen, if we do not support the Desi Pub scene, like many other pubs, we will lose them.


How to get a review:

Many establishments have been in touch and asked for a visit, remember to email us on Dailyentertainmentxpress@hotmail.com – We need 20 + requests to prioritize, otherwise we will make a journey but please have patience.

The following things all fall into our scoring process:

Location (Ease of Access)




Range of Drinks

Family Friendly


EACH Item on a Mixed Grill Is Scored

EACH Dish is scored

Customer Service

From March 2018, we will be revisiting each venue to review the special things each venue offers and to see if anything has changed before we announce the World cup winners (please click here to see what the winners get). All visits are done in secret and no prior warning is given.

As the site grows, we are incorporating other sports (We will be the home of the Premier League Of Darts) we have a surprise for ladies who follow our site, and we are adding audio shows, we hope to bring new customers to each and every venue from all communities, let’s help The Desi Pub scene grow and develop for all.


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