Don’t Call It A Come Back, I’ve Been Prem for Years


Don’t Call It A Come Back, I’ve Been Prem for Years

Supporting UK acts is something we are passionate about, so when we heard  that Prem Singh was making a return to the scene, we thought it only right we hooked up with him, to get info on the new release and the change of direction from him regarding record labels.

Whats new with you and how are you changing your approach this time round ?

The new EP is released on a brand new record label called Amuse which is co-founded by from the Black Eyed Peas. Amuse are releasing it to a wider audience of music lovers worldwide on all digital online music stores. So i decided to re-release my old tunes along with a bonus remix created by a rapper called Premz, who funnily enough shares the same nickname as mine. So i thought i send it out to a new audience that has never heard of me and my material before.

What are the aims with this EP release

My hopes and expectations are to gain a bigger fan base of new listeners worldwide and hopefully take my sound and style to new heights. I hope music lovers will appreciate the hard work and struggle an artist goes through in making his/her dreams come true.

What does Prem want from 2018

2018 all i want is to push my music and achieve my dreams. I’ve been getting a good grilling from family and friends in the past for taking so long in releasing material and that is because releasing music now a days isn’t all that easy.


You got to earn a living and pay the bills in addition to funding your music, making time to work on your dream is getting harder.

Here in the UK we don’t get much time to sit down and practice on the Vaja or practice anything in music. That was the main reason in not coming out with anything so frequently cause I didn’t feel I was ready vocally. So i made sure I did it properly this time and then smash new material out on to the scene.

Will This mean new material in 2018 ?

So this 2018 I got a brand new track coming out called Sucha Soorma produced by a new upcoming producer Dal Sidhu. Very talented young lad and I have new songs being produced by my old close friend and producer Vigo as well. Hopefully I have enough material for an album this year. I want to be able to promote a UK sound and promote UK Asian music to the world.

Is that vital to you ?

I feel we need to put UK Bhangra music back on the map again. There so much talent in the UK right now who are working so hard in their trade to get some where in this industry. We are not those fake artist who are gonna be buying their YouTube hits and views to get famous fast. We are legit and true to out art. We are learning and then coming to the industry. 2018 will be our year.

So before you go, what tracks are you feeling out at the moment, and do they Inspire you ?

Music as a whole, inspires me, favourite tracks at the moment i’d say is a tough question. Because I listen to Bhangra Punjabi music as well as the western mainstream music also. So in Bhangra Punjabi music I’d have to say Himmat Sandhu’s – Saab. Such a heavy tune. For the western mainstream right now I’m feeling a lot of Ed Sheerans stuff especially his collabo with the my fave rapper Eminem on the track called River. What a tune!, who know one day me and Ed, everybody needs to aim high!

Thanks To Prem Singh for taking time out to speak with us, and any new artists/established artists who wish to have the same opportunity please get in touch.



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