FA Cup & 5 Lessons


The Ar Of Defending

Klopp, a great leader they say, yet his troops fail to defend the fort again , was the 3-1 win over Man. City the peak of a season that now looks in serious danger of missing out on the top 4 and all silverware?
WBA on the other hand, go forward into the relegation battle knowing that they have players who can turn it on when it matters, only downside, they wont face Liverpool’s defence every week.


Yeovil suffered on Friday night, at the hands off what can only be called total professionalism from Manchester Utd, Sanchez made his debut, Martin Keown fought hard to keep his tears back in the commentary box, and Mourhino highlighted why Manchester Utd will be feared by all in the UCL, in 2 leg ties professionalism and application will not be in question with his team.


West Ham were lacking any as they traveled to the mighty Wigan Athletic, has Dave Whelan mentioned he was in a cup final yet ? David Moyes has turned West Hams results around recently and this would have been a dagger to his heart, as both  him and his owners understood the value of a cup run this season,  they need to deflect away from a poor season, yet the players, they would prefer the one game a week it would seem.


VAR, did it add to, or take away from the game at Anfiled ? Alan Pardew has blamed it for the 2 injuries his players received, bit harsh that Alan, maybe look at why they were not keeping warm ? but if VAR is to work the delays have to be shorter than 3 mins, the stop start  nature of the game was not fun to watch, and needs decisions to be made quicker!!

FA Cup – Scrap Replays

The FA cup weekends are now seen as a prelude to league games, squads are rotated and some teams see it as a hindrance rather than the an opportunity to win silverware, the FA cup must look at scrapping replays thus forcing teams to play a strong 11 to look for the win straight away, extra time and penalties would change the approach of some, yet the magic of the cup may well return.


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