Stop, Start, Sunshine And Ipswich – The Weekly Wolves!


Wolves article by Gulraj Kular, check out his blog at Musings From Molineux

Well, what a difference a week makes.

It’s a long time in football as the saying goes and us fans, consuming every bit of footballing content possible – including this blog – make it even longer in the process. Wolves fans have been the same.

We’ve gone from the start of the week, where our usual jitters took over. The absence of a victory in a couple of games, the lack of attacking threat in that period and the lack of transfer activity combined to create a fractious atmosphere within the social media sphere.

There was inter-stand rivalry borne out all over the Twitter-sphere and the nerves were clearly getting to people. Fast forward to today and all is rosy in the garden. The catalyst for that was actually a week spent in Marbella for some ‘Vitamin D’ in the words of Nuno Espirito Santo.

The thing with football is that anything remotely negative provokes a conversation. It encourages people to find a solution to a problem. We love the game, we love our clubs and it’s often the thing that gets us by in life on a weekly basis. When a team that has been so successful Is threatened to be de-railed, it’s only natural to look for answers.

The problem is, there wasn’t really a question to be answered. Yes, some of our players weren’t quite firing on all cylinders. But I maintain that if Kieran Dowell doesn’t get a deflection on a rather tame effort in the home game vs Nottingham Forest, then we’re not talking about a Wolves defeat and potential meltdown.

The team is sturdily built and it took a hell of a lot of luck, organisation and doggedness for Nottingham Forest to overcome us.

Thankfully the same kind of fate did not befall Ipswich Town. The other major difference between this and the Forest game, was the timing of the opening goal. Never underestimate a goal’s ability to change a game.

Nuno decided to make a couple of changes to the team and they worked a treat. Alfred N’Diaye provided an added physical presence in midfield, which led directly to the goal and the fluidity of Helder Costa, Ivan Cavaleiro and Diogo Jota caused Ipswich’s more static defenders all manner of problems. Defenders want to get tight and ‘feel’ their man. When that man is either constantly changing, or basically not standing anywhere near them at all, it causes a whole lot of nervousness.

So what’s the secret to our success? Sun, sea, sand and most definitely Santo.


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