The Mysterious Case of “Koke” By Sunanda Sharma


Koke – Sunanda Sharma

Koke was released last November, the song did extremely well in India, Canada and Australia, with streams and views coming in large amounts in those territories, so why did the UK not take to the track?

Less than 9% of the tracks combined streams/views originated from the UK, the song is an exception to the rule, as normally if a track is popular in one territory it works in another, the song itself is a great track, vocally Sunanda delivers and the production of the track and video are of a high quality.

El Sueno was still riding high after charting and JK’s Pomp Pomp Tha Music was released 2 days prior to this, so was it a case of it simply being buried by two major UK releases?
Either way, we think the track needs to be heard and I’m sure the wedding season may give the song a second wind


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