Top 5 Transfers That Never Materialized


Other than the Dildo transfer to a sky reporters ear,  here are 5 other bizarre transfers stories that had less chance of success than that dildo.

Number 5

Ronaldinho – St Mirren

After everyone’s favourite Brazilian agreed a £6million move from Gremio to PSG, he was advised to get a short-term deal somewhere in Europe. Scottish ‘giants’ St Mirren thought they’d give it a go.

“We spoke to Ronaldinho but there was a legal problem at [Gremio],” claimed the Saints’ boss Tom Hendrie. “He was willing to come and play for us before going on to PSG.”

Damn red tape…

Number 4

Zidane – Blackburn Rovers

Sorry Blackburn fans try not to cry, but…

As well as getting oh-so-close to signing Lewandowski, Rovers almost bought the Frenchman who would go on to become the world’s best player.

After winning the Premier League title in 1995, Blackburn boss Kenny Dalglish suggested to Jack Walker – the club’s legendary owner – that they should take the opportunity to sign young Bordeaux midfielder Zidane.

Walker’s now notorious reply? “Why do you want to sign Zinedine Zidane when we have Tim Sherwood?”

Number 3

Roberto Carlos – Aston Villa

Roberto Carlos was a genuine global football superstar back in the 1990s.

Thanks to his ludicrous thunder thighs and remarkably bendy free-kicks, the Brazilian icon was perhaps the most high-profile left-back on Planet Earth (with profuse apologies to Paolo Maldini).

So, the idea that the man who would become a Real Madrid legend could have played for ASTON VILLA now seems utterly ludicrous. And yet… it nearly happened.

“I actually came close to joining Aston Villa early in my career,”

“I met with the club, but nothing happened. Birmingham were also interested, but it didn’t go anywhere and I later joined Inter Milan.”

Number 2

Paul Gascoigne – Manchester Utd

In the 1987/88 season, Paul Gascoigne won the PFA player of the year award for his stellar performances with Newcastle United and clubs were looking to sign one of England’s finest talents. Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur took notice of England international’s performances and were both interested in securing the services of the talented player.

Sir Alex Ferguson had the deal almost done when he spoke to Gazza before going on his holiday and was assured by the player that he would be moving to the Old Trafford club.

This was until Tottenham came in and swung the deal by buying Gazza’s parents a house and his sister a tanning bed. It ultimately led to the Englishman joining the north London club instead.

Number 1

Diego Maradona – Sheffield Utd

The legend has it that the Blades manager, Harry Haslam, in 1978 spotted the young Diego Maradona at Argentine Juniors during one of his scouting trips. It was understood that the Argentine club was ready to sell off their youngster to Sheffield United at a price of £200,000 pounds.

However, Sheffield’s board members were reluctant to pay that fee for a relatively unknown player and instead bought Maradona’s countryman Alex Sabella for £160,000. The move was not good enough to prevent the Blades from dropping down to the fourth tier of English football.

Epic fail once again!


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