Boxing Tonight – British Beef, Boxer v Stylist


Isaac Chamberlain launches scathing attack on Lawrence Okolie’s amateur achievements and pro run, prior to tonight’s Matchroom event “British Beef” live on Sky Sports.

Chamberlain (9-0, 4KOs) has questioned both the heart and desire of Okolie (7-0, 6KOs) ahead of the 10-round bout, with the MTK Global-backed Brixton native claiming that Saturday’s bout will be too great a step up for his rival.

“Does he really want to fight me? I was looking at fighting people with belts, wins that would move me into the rankings. He’s still got his L-plates on – that’s what [Wadi] Camacho said and he’s right,” said Chamberlain.
“Whoever wants it the most, trained the hardest and executes the game plan, that’s the winner – and I know that it’s going to be me.”

While Okolie has suggested his foe is jealous of the fact that he reached the Rio Olympic Games as an amateur, Chamberlain dismissed the notion.

“He says I am jealous but he called me out? I don’t get that,” said Chamberlain. “He talks like he’s tough but he’s not. He talks because he doesn’t believe in himself.
“Look at the people he’s boxed – the last guy at York Hall looked like he came from finishing doing the grill in a kebab shop to have a fight. Garbage.
“He won three rounds at the Olympics – that doesn’t make you ready for World level in the pros, nowhere near.
“A lot of Olympians have become world champions but you can name hundreds that haven’t, and more people that have won world titles without going to the Olympics.
“You can have the background and the backing but when you are really tested, we’ve seen established amateurs come out of the Olympics into the pros and flop when the going gets tough.”

Chamberlain weighed in at 14st 1lbs 8oz at Friday afternoon’s weigh-in, while Okolie clocked the scales at 14st 3lbs 5oz.


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