12 Desi Tracks – Hollywood Movies Missed


You ever been sat in the cinema and been bored to tears ?
You then create silly games to play to pass the time, well I’m not saying the feature steamed from that, but just putting it out there.

What Desi Songs should have featured on Hollywood Sountracks ? The content of the song, the style of it and the production must all fit the theme of the movie somehow, we have had a go, see what you guys think, and do you have an #DesiHollywood tracks that fit the criteria ?

We have not added any words, because if you don’t get the link, we (Chas) failed lol.

1) Men In Black

2) Gangs Of New York


3) Girls Trip

4) Scarface

5) Coming To America

6) Romeo and Juliet

7) SuperBad

8) Titanic

9) GoodFellas

10) Rambo

11) Boyz In Da Hood

12) Django Unchained


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