Swag, RV Narang feat VSK – Interview


Swag, RV Narang feat VSK

Since releasing last week, “Swag” has been to Number 1 in the iTunes world chart, the video has been played on rotation by many fans, so we decided to meet up with RV and see whats happening and the plans for the future.

This was one hell of a delay ?

The delay since my last release (2012 – Gal Sun) was due to personal reasons & I wanted to learn more about my craft & write more material for the album, I was due to release Nagin in 2015 but the video got delayed.

Bro it’s 2018, that’s a hell of a wait for the video, was you waiting to finish an album or something ?

The album is 90% complete the opening track ‘Humble JATT’ is the last track im going to work on once ‘SWAG’ is released.

What’s the vision in 2018?

Personally I want to showcase my versatility by releasing SWAG & I also have a big collaboration which is in the pipeline, it’s all hush-hush, it’s an idea I had for a very long time & it’s all coming alive very soon…

Where do you see yourself currently with the scene

TBH I never look at the scene too much, I like to do my own thing, no one is my competition in the scene, I feel I have my own unique style & I find inspiration within.

What’s the two things you want to see happen sooner rather than later 

A – Complete my album to a standard I’m happy with

B – The Bhangra Scene to have more love in the industry & instead of playing against with each other, we help & encourage each other,  love & support & keep supporting ‘SWAG’ 🙏


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