Forgot Valentines? Here Are 5 Pointers To Get Away With It!


If you share the above picture with the “Lads” on Valentines, then I think you may need our help tomorrow! The picture is brilliant though. Here is our 5 step guide to keep you out of Valentines Jail!

Number 1

Guys don’t get caught queuing in a supermarket at 6pm, if you have forgotten, go out of your area, DO NOT go to your local Tesco’s to grab flowers and a card, go the extra mile, a photo of you queuing will not make a lasting impression.

Number 2

If you have not booked a restaurant and now it’s too late, what was you thinking. So here is the master plan, whilst queuing at 6pm in Tesco’s, get an extra card “Love you” and some extra flowers, hide them once you get home, so now when you order food from “HER” favourite takeaway, you answer the door, and bring in with the food the bonus card and flowers showing her how much you appreciate her making this night about just you two, as you had cunningly planned!

Number 3

If you have thought ahead, you may have got her a gift, trust me guys, she may not be a goddess in the kitchen and may need help, but don’t buy her any Kitchen appliances, you may think a blender is a great gift and may aide her in the kitchen, but I don’t think she will appreciate it, and god only knows what may end up in it if you do give her that as a gift.

Number 4

Whatever you do, do not buy her lingerie, no matter how good an idea you think it may be, trust me if you get the wrong size, you are done for, she will throw those chocolates back at you and accuse you of being a feeder, lads, just leave it yeah, if you must buy her clothing, buy her a scarf, and write on it, “So I’m Always Wrapped Around You” – oh i’m going to be sick!

Number 5

If all you have is a generic card, with a two line message personalised by yourself, we have one last tactic that will save you, and who else better than her folks to take one for the team, now be careful and read these instructions, Ring “HER” parents and say that you are grateful for their daughters presence in your life, and whether they would like to come over, tell them not to mention that you want them there, as she is shy about asking them over on Valentines. This gentlemen has bought you 24 hours, to, go get cards (tomorrow on special), book a table as it’s quieter and all because her parents popped over on Valentines, so the day after you win with your lady and her folks you gloat to other folks how good a partner their daughter has!

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