Panjab Restaraunt Desi Dishes to Impress Meat Eaters and Vegetarians


Something different today for grill fans, whilst we were doing our rounds in London, one name kept getting mentioned, we were reluctant to go and review the place as it was not a “Desi Pub” as such, yet we thought we’d give it a go due to the high demand of requests and recommendations for the Panjab Restaurant in Slough.

We are always wary of places called “Panjab” as 50% of the times they are not actually owned by Panjabi’s but South Indians, after a bit of digging we were happy when we found out the owners were in fact “Panjabi” as was the kitchen staff.


From the outside the big sign draws you in, you can’t miss it, and the building looks well maintained and welcoming, not the biggest but welcoming. Once we walked in the place, it was very busy and the atmosphere was loud, quite strange for a restaurant, but I guess it is Panjabi, the place is welcoming, and the artwork is very impressive.


Great variety of drinks on offer, hot and cold, soft and alcoholic, the cocktail list is quite generous, and you won’t get bored, but you may get tipsy!


Love an open plan kitchen; it makes you feel safe seeing your food being cooked, hygiene wise the kitchen was faultless.


The staff need to be more attentive, once we were seated, we were never again asked if we would like drinks, a little smile would go a long way, some staff were better than others, just feel they missed a trick in not prompting us if we wanted more drinks, as man was thirsty and not driving.


Chilli Chicken Chaat and Sweet Potato Chaat

Both dishes were very good and hit the mark, the pastry on the veggie dish was well done and was possibly the stand out thing about that dish. The Chilli Chicken was as stated, chilli, really hit the mark here.


Punjabi Keema and Pepper and Potato Sabji

You know what the Keema was good, not had it for a long time, and those who know me, know I make my own keema which is possibly the best ever in the world times 2, but we digress, the keema was very good, not to oily and cooked very well, so many times you see Keema either to dry or swimming in oil, this was right in the middle.

The Sabji was impressive, my friend who is a vegetarian loved the way they dish was spiced and how it was delivered, each element could be tasted, very impressive.

The range of dishes on offer to vegetarians and vegans is impressive; the place fully grasps the concept of Panjab.


The Panjab Restaurant is situated in Slough, so if you are local make sure you pass through, and if you are not from the local area be sure to put SL3 7HS into the sat nav as you do not want to miss that that little piece of Panjab nestling in Slough!

The food, taste, hygiene and the ambiance all impressed and will be back again, like we said it is not a desi pub, but a desi restaurant that is well worth a visit


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