Groves v Eubank Jnr – A Look At Groves


Some fights don’t need any hype, they just accumulate interest and Groves v Eubank Jnr is one such fight, this is the biggest domestic tare up since Benn v Watson all those years ago, and is set to be as explosive.

In this feature we look at George Groves, the reigning WBA world champion, yet not seen as the favorite by the bookies. When asked about this at the final press conference for the fight, Groves just brushed it aside, but this must itch away with him, as he is the more senior boxer, more experienced and has mixed it with better company than Eubank Jnr (Billy Joe Saunders, who beat Eubank is the only exception here) thus far in his career.

Groves needs to dig deep here, this is a tough fight, he will need to look at some of the skills that were utilized by Billy Joe when he beat Jnr, speed and movement will be vital for Groves, he will need to work on the outside and not get dragged into a war.

George Groves To Win ?

Eubank Snr and the camp will try and drag Groves into it’s camps mind games, and George will need to steer clear of these tactics and not let himself get bogged down with Snr trying to manipulate him from ringside on the night. Jnr will come out firing, and Groves will need to see off the first few rounds without any major damage, and then gradually frustrate Eubank Jnr, and only then will he make this his fight, by taking the center of the ring and not letting Jnr get close enough for the brawl he wants.

Groves has power, his ability to win rounds with punches landed will be key, his movement and defence will be vital for George to successfully defend his WBA Belt and to go the the final of the WBSS.

Check out George groves fight breakdown here via iFL.TV




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