#FridayFlashback – Bomb The Tumbi – Safri Boyz


Firstly it’s vital we understand what was going on in the Bhangra World at the time prior to  “Bomb the Tumbi” dropping.

Apache Indian was a runaway global success and as all apneh do, they wanted a piece of that samosa.

Problem being, if you were Asian and had a West Indian friend, you automatically presumed he could be a Ragga artist, so we was now in the midst of each and every album coming out, having some form of Ragga artist on it, and the artists that were being used in the majority of the cases were piss poor.

So in the midst of this Bhangra Ragga love in, an album was released by the Safri Boys that would simply blow away everything that it was competing with at the time, and I mean everything, Bomb The Tumbi was huge…

The scene was beginning to change and people were experimenting with sounds and styles, so when a Live Band Album came out that lived up to the hype, well you knew it was going to cause mayhem across gigs up and down the land.

Right from the off, the Boliya just grab, you and these were played everywhere, weddings parties all over the world, and with Safri’s vocal ability being very different to those around him at the time, these were a master class in Boliya, only bettered by AS Kang

Mr Mirza and Miss Kamliee were again so clean in their proudcution that you had to just play it loud.

So as well, as being a class album, musically, it had the full live band feel, and Safri delivered the vocals with the style of Panache that left others in his wake, but there are other reasons as to why I feel this album impacted on a generation so hard.

If we take a look at the Safri Boys at the time, it was a mixture of young musicians and elder musicians, when watching Safri play up and down the country seeing a young Bhota Jagpal on the Keyboards, Happy (Death Jamm) on the drums and also Tubbsy on percussion, it was so refreshing, the youth were now coming through and adding their own influence to the sound we were hearing.

If Bomb the Tumbi had flopped, would B21 have come through ? would Death Jamm have broke through? and changed the Asian Music Production scene forever ?

If you haven’t got this album, the best thing you can do is stream it or download it.


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