Groves v Eubank Jnr – A Look At Eubank Jnr


Yesterday, we looked at George Groves in readiness for this weekends massive WBSS fight, today we look at how Eubank Jnr can win the fight. The fight is Live on ITV Box Office

Is Eubank Jnr ready ? that we do not have to question as he seems to live in the gym, his always in training, and like his father, English, his always in prime condition.

Eubank Jnr lost to Billy Joe Saunders, who was not in the best of conditions that night, yet still outworked Jnr, Groves will look to do what Billy Joe did that night. Jnr will need to come out firing and to try throw Groves off his game plan, he will need to get inside and use his speed once up close, he will encourage Groves to brawl, that’s when Jnr will execute his speed up close and pick off Groves.

Mind games, Groves may have already won the mind games in the build up to the fight, he has sat back and not engaged in anything that team Eubank have thrown at him (and he keeps calling Eubank Jnr, Junior, which Jnr really does not appreciate), Jnr will need to hope that on the night, the presence of his father across the ring shouting and bawling will upset what seems like a calm and collected Groves, and throw him off his game-plan.

Jnr to Win ?

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Juniors biggest asset is his speed, if he can get inside and really work the body of Groves, he will test how much is left in the Groves tank, Jnr’s punches will need to be accurate and land in flurry’s. we do not think he has the single punch that could KO Groves early, but he could break him up over the early rounds and execute a TKO late in the fight.

Check out iFL Tv’s interview with Eubank Jnr, as he breaks down how he thinks the fight will go.



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