Bhangra’s Boxing Fans Pick Winners For Groves v Eubank Jnr


Groves v Eubank Jnr

As we edge closer to tonight’s big fight, we touched base with 4 of the Bhangra Scenes big fight fans, to see how they see the fight going, agree or disagree ?

DJ Frenzy – “This a tight fight, hope I can get a connection In India, but not sure if by KO, but it’s Groves for me”

Moneyspinner – “Looking forward to this, we are going Groves Round 9, will be tough as Eubank Jnr want’s this bad”

GV – “I can’t split these two, so I’m picking both, lol, Groves KO in 7-10 or Jnr on points”

Gurj Sidhu “Love my boxing, this should be a great fight, I’m edging towards Eubank Jnr, speed and pace big factor” anything else you want to add Gurj lol

“My Next Single on Humble Music Black on Black, out soon featuring Byg Byrd and Sunny Malton, can’t wait for this to drop so you can all hear it”


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