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The Red Cow  is well situated in the Smethwick area of Birmingham, it is only 5 mins from the M5 (J1). The Hawthorns stadium is again about 5 mins away, Villa Park, St Andrews are 20 mins away and Walsall FC is the same travelling time, but back to the M5/M6.


You can not miss the Red Cow, why? because it has a huge Red Cow outside lol, if you do miss it, ask yourself should you really be driving?  Parking is not an issue as the Cow has a decent ample sized car park at the rear, so you are safe in the knowledge it is parked up.

The Red cow is one of the original Desi-Pub’s and has two rooms available for party hire, so the place is busy, so if you drive past and think it may be too full, bare in mind it may be due to parties and the bar may be able to accommodate you.

Bar and Drinks

The bar is busy, and like many of the original Desi-Pub’s it is very much a male dominated crowd, sport is on the TV, and the atmosphere is loud, the positive thing we see is, that most of the people are eating in here, so it must be a good sign.

The quality of the larger is bang on, and the drinks on offer are extensive, the price of the drinks is the same as many of the other Desi Pubs in the area.

We order our food and find a place to sit, a football match is on the TV so getting a table might have been an issue, but two lads happily gave the table up they were seated at as they had finished eating!

It Begins:

The food is with us within 20 minutes, which is a bonus as we did expect a longer wait as the kitchen seemed busy.

The sizzler is big, lol, it’s impressive in size and ticks a lot of boxes, size, the ability to stack it and fried onions being soaked in the juices of the meat! We going in baby!

The wings  really worked for us on this, they were marinated well and cooked just right, no pinky bits, the spice was right, the wings were more spiced than the tikka, which was plentiful but not as good as the wings.

The Chicken lollipop’s were an added bonus,  like we said earlier the grill is huge yet it is not the biggest.

The Lamb chops were slightly fatty on this occasion and lacked a that spark to ignite them, the sheesh was good though, in some places this is left to be, but this was impressive.

Finally the fish and prawns, this thing is huge, not huge fans of fish on a grill and don’t eat prawns lol, so the person with me feasted on this,  the fish was not greasy which is always a plus and where many places fall down.

Now the Curries:

We had Chicken and lamb dishes, the lamb was impressive the quantity of meat in both was a plus, but the sauce with the lamb dish was really impressive, the chicken dish was much of a muchness, was ok but but did not set the taste buds alight.


The Red Cow is an original Desi Pub, and it is a solid pub, great drinks selection, a good crowd, more lad’s than families though, and it does what pubs should do, create an atmosphere where you are comfortable, the place has characters of it’s own, regulars in pubs are very rare, yet this place has a few.

Food wise, the grill is massive, and it is very good, the highlights were the wings and surprisingly the sheesh kebab, both flavoured well and really stood out, the amount of meat offered had us wondering if the quantity would surpass the quality, but that was not really the case, other than the chops, which on this occasion were not the best, having ate here previously, these were good.

The hygiene was not something that concerned us, the bar was clean and the whole place felt clean, the staff collecting dishes were not the fastest and were prompted by us on most occasions, never cracked a smile either, shame as the bar staff were smiling and good banter.

For the above reasons we give the Red Cow a solid 7.8

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