KFC Crisis! 3 Food Shortages That Could Cause A Desi Meltdown!


1st World Problems!

KFC lovers up and down the country are panicking, cold sweats, high temperatures and rumbling stomachs are everywhere, the Met have even taken to twitter to ask people to stop calling 999 as the closure of your local KFC does not class as an emergency.

This got us to thinking, which three everyday foods would see us Desi’s going into such a melt down? 


The tears, vegetarians and spring roll fans would be beside themselves if a shortage of Paneer grasped the land, spring rolls would become irrelevant to all and so many meat replacement dishes in new Desi restaurants would simply collapse, could we cope with it it? 999 would be getting a few calls from Desi’s who simply would not cope with such a shortage to the food chain!

The Loyal Potatoe

Picture the scenes, as little Jaspreet get’s home from school only to discover that she has no fries, because of a lack of the trusty aloo. Imagine the scenes at the Local gurdwara when no sabji can be made right, Apneh are stubborn, and a move to sweet potatoes would not happen, as we like to dig our heels in. We would wait and hope for a future where the potato and humans can once again live life happily together again, without a shortage.

The Chilli

The thought of it, imagine it, every dish we have has an element of spice, so if these bad boys were to disapper where would we be, what would we do! Bland dhal, bland meat and bland everything, is it worth thinking about ? All these trendy types would come out with chilli alternatives, hipsters will become growers and start selling them. If there is ever a chilli shortage, the end of desi lifestyles is near!!


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