The Worlds Top 50 Innovative Companies ( And Music Companies Top 10)


Fast Company has named its annual Most Innovative Companies list for 2018. Unsurprisingly, Spotify took the #1 spot in the Music category and #9 for all companies “for pointing fans toward new artists.”  But most of the other names in music’s innovative top 10 are far less well known.

1. Spotify
For locking down label deals, breaking new artists, and being everywhere users want a personalized soundtrack

2. Dubset
For getting unofficial remixes authorized by labels

3. Big Machine
For mastering the art of the album release in the streaming-service era

4. Major Lazer
For experimenting with VR and interactive video to connect with fans

5. Smule
For pairing social media and karaoke for a beautiful duet

6. B-Reel
For creating a tech platform–with AR and 360-degree video–to help the new Gorillaz album top the charts in 30 countries

7. Atlantic Records
For championing its artists, from Ed Sheeran to Cardi B

8. Kobalt
For helping artists get and track royalties from YouTube, Instagram, and streaming

9. Vinyl Me, Please
For reinventing the subscription record club

10. Fender Musical Instruments
For teaching music via an app

The top 5 innovative companies globally as seen by Fast Company are:

Apple – For delivering the future today
Netflix – For mastering the small screen
Square – For extending the benefits of Banking
Tencent – For Honoring Content is King
Amazon – For becoming a larger than life presence

Check out the rest of the list here


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