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Chocolaty – Lofty Feat Gurlez Akhtar

So the call goes go in to White Hill, “we got a great duet idea, we got the male component,Lofty, but not sure about the female.” In today’s market it can only be Gurlez Akhtar whom they call.

The track promos were not the best, so expectations were not high, but this duet track works, the production from Da Game is on point, and vocally Lofty impresses alongside the always impressive Gurlez Akhtar, the pair combine well. The video is attempting to be comical, but I just don’t see the link to the world’s campest gang member. That aside the track is works and is well worth several listens.

Check out the latest Punjabi song from Lofty and Gurlez Akhtar on White Hill Music.


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