GGG V Canelo 2! The Heated Exchanges


The date – 5th May, a night that fight fans are looking forward to both sides of the Atlantic, but the biggest fight of the night will take place in Las Vegas, the re-match between GGG V Canelo.

Almost all the experts and viewers from the first fight thought that GGG had won the fight before it was controversially scored a draw, now each fighter has come out explaining how they will win this re-match. The surprising thing which has emerged from the press conference is how the normally calm and collected Canelo seems to be the more worked up out of the two as he fields questions as to how he could win this fight, and bats away questions from the press asking if he will actually come to fight this time, but will that just play into the hands of GGG? who looks to be winning the mind games.

Check out the highlights from last nights press conference for Golovkin v Canelo 2


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