Golden Temple, S Kalibre (Interview and Review)


Golden Temple, S Kalibre (Produced By Slap Up Mill)

S Kalibre, a hidden gem among desi UK rappers, has released his latest track “Golden Temple” highlighting his connection to Amritsar the most revered spiritual sites of Sikhism.

Any track of this ilk needs to be done right, especially if you are using images of the Gurdwara, you need to be sure of the content of the song, how it is to be delivered and to be honest S Kalibre has ensured that he has respected all these aspects, the video really does highlight the beauty of Amritsar with an educational flow of Sikhism.

To understand what was behind the inspiration for the track we went to S Kalibre and asked him direct:
“The inspiration for the track came from just witnessing what Sikhs as a minority been going through since I was a kid, looking at dead bodies of Sikhs on the covers of Des Pardes to going India when I was 8 years old and seeing police harassment of Sikhs to up to now, everything that’s going on now in Punjab. I just wanted to bring light to the struggles to a different audience, they say awareness is the antidote, that’s what inspired me, but it was created more out of frustration.”

The video and the track are fantastic, and the depth of feeling behind it, only make it more appealing, check out the track and video here!


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